Trading Software Solutions

All-in-one equities trading solutions here involving multiple platforms & channels. Ready to start your business anytime.

Market Data

As a HKEX Information Vendor, we provide Hong Kong market data to entitled users – real-time streaming, snap-shot, delayed snap-shot.

Web Portal

We provide a multi-browser, multi-market end-customer trading portal supporting smart order types, e-IPO application, online fund deposit/withdrawal and other customer self-service functions. 

Mobile App

We have revamped our mobile App (namely GoTrade2) to provide multi-market trading, smart order types, e-IPO application, online fund deposit/withdrawal with trendy UI.

Dealer Terminal

  • We have developed a sophisticated multi-market equities dealing terminal, with detailed risk management and monitoring tools to supporting your retail cash, retail margin and institutional business models.  
  • With our flexible personal setting, being AE, dealer, day-trader or institutional trader, you can set up the most convenient profile to manage your orders. 
  • With the help of our Cloud connectivity, orders from multiple platforms & channels can be managed easily in a personalized screen! 

Service Support

Product Consultant

2GoTrade professional sales and support team will provide customers with guidance and advices on our products.

Technical Support

2GoTrade professional technical team will provide customers with a full range of technical and solution services.