Go.CMS customer product management platform. Manage cross-platform products with ease!

Go.CMS customer product management platform provides one-stop product management solutions. You can freely control the message delivery, customer information and permission configuration of different product platforms. Powerful backend management functions allow you to easily promote your business and improve efficiency.

Customize different roles in the company, Finely divide responsibilities and access right.

You can customize and manage different employee roles, add, modify, and delete customized roles according to your organizational needs and permission structure, and set the permissions and functions of different roles.

Role permissions can be customized freely. Let each role have own permission configurations.

In Go.CMS, each role can customize permissions, allowing you to more flexibly assign the division of labor and duties to different roles.

Role permission customization

You can customize permissions for each role, to ensure they can only access and perform specific functions and actions.

Complete History

All roles’ operations will be recorded, forming a complete historical audit log. This helps you track and monitor the activities of each role.

Download audit log data

Supports downloading historical audit log to user’s computer in CSV format to help you conduct further analysis and reporting.

Instant push notifications to all platforms! Users get your latest information instantly.

Any changes you make and confirm in Go.CMS will be immediately pushed to all client-end platforms (Portal 2, RAO and GoTrade2), ensuring that all clients can instantly obtain the latest data and information you publish.

Comprehensive management of promotional images. Helping you take your business promotion to the next level!

Go.CMS allows you to easily manage promotional images across all platforms. You can freely control the promotional images of Portal 2 and GoTrade2, including delivery time, deadline and link URL. Through powerful backend management functions, you can effectively promote your business and boost up sales revenue, brand exposure and market influence.

Master push messages across all platforms. Effectively manage your notification strategy.

In Go.CMS, you can easily manage push messages across the entire platform:

  • Set up customized push messages based on customer segregations, to ensure specific customer groups to receive your tailored messages.

  • Set delivery time of push messages based on business needs or customer consumption patterns, including instant push or preset delivery time.

  • Pushed messages will be in real-time basis, ensuring that relevant users can receive your latest messages immediately.

  • All push message history will be retained, and you can check the log any time to track and evaluate the push effect.

Multiple powerful functions gives you easy management

In addition to the functions mentioned above, Go.CMS also provides these powerful functions:

  • Modify FAQs: You can easily create and update FAQs and answers to provide accurate and immediate info to clients.

  • View user terms & conditions: You can easily view and modify user terms & conditions to ensure compliance, regulations and business needs.

  • Modify important message/welcoming message on Portal2 login page: You can freely edit the important message or welcoming message on the login page.

  • Modify the background image of Portal2: You can replace the background image of Portal2, to show your brand image or design style.

Service Support

Product Consultant

2GoTrade professional sales and support team will provide customers with guidance and advices on our products.

Technical Support

2GoTrade professional technical team will provide customers with a full range of technical and solution services.