Connectivity Solutions

2Go self-maintained Cloud structure for over 20 years. Under our sophisticated infrastructure and operation workflow, setting up any connectivity to your global clients, third-party platforms and Exchanges becomes easy!


We can connect your proprietary or designated third-party trading App vendors using our latest API technologyGoAPI, with up-to-date online brokerage functions. Design your own UI and connects to GoAPI to cater for retail client needs. 

RTDDI (Real-time Direct Debit Instructions)

Using 2Go latest RTDDI API architecture, broker clients can adopt real-time eDDA / eDDI (electronic direct debit authorization  / instructions) of designated banks to fulfil 24 x 7 fund transfer. Let system to handle payment authentication to save human costs. 

Go.FIX (inbound & outbound)

  • We support connecting 20+ well-known buyside OMS and FIX hubs under contemporary FIX version, to receive their FIX-in orders.
  • We facilitate connection to 20+ markets via execution brokers designated by you, or suggested by 2Go, via our mature FIX-outbound engine. 
  • If you select another 2Go Cloud client, connection effort, time and costs can be minimal.

Service Support

Product Consultant

2GoTrade professional sales and support team will provide customers with guidance and advices on our products.

Technical Support

2GoTrade professional technical team will provide customers with a full range of technical and solution services.