Cloud Solutions

Storing and maintaining your data and systems securely on our Cloud. Need not worry about software upgrade, hardware replacement and holiday maintenance. 

Let us handle your data & system through:

Data Storage

  • A high-performance data center adhering to SLA backed services which cover Hong Kong SFC cybersecurity guidelines. 
  • An qualified international standard data centre management and staff process to ensure the proper handling of client data.

System Monitoring & Maintenance

Mature 24/7 roundtheclock system monitoring window through our team of IT experts. 

System Upgrades

Cloud hardware and software updates during weekend with minimal operational downtime are mostly transparent to users. Client-side upgrade is completed simply clicking the “Yes” confirmation box to complete.

Let our Cloud connect to your office through:

Internet VPN (with 2Go designated tools)

Working as a backup for above primary connections, or contingency access in case your primary terminal is down or you’re not returning to office. Become more and more important during work-from-home ages.

Metro Ethernet

Dedicated lease line services provided by major ISP, to enjoy low-latency, secure and stable connection, and high priority troubleshooting  during operating hours. 

Dedicated Commercial Broadband

More economic choice for a stable and secure connection. Optimal choice for a budget deal.

Service Support

Product Consultant

2GoTrade professional sales and support team will provide customers with guidance and advices on our products.

Technical Support

2GoTrade professional technical team will provide customers with a full range of technical and solution services.