Settlement and Support Solutions

Post-trade Processes become standardized and efficient. Automations with third party systems and authorities to ensure accuracy.

Go.BO2 Back Office Applications

  • We provide a multi-market, multi-currency, multi-asset-class (Equities, Bonds, Funds) back-office application, supporting margin financing, sub-account handling complete with tailored post-trade reports and services.
  • Cloud-base service can save your effort in version upgrade, market rehearsals, ad-hoc and regular system maintenance. 
Go BO2@2x

Automations & back-end support

  • Interface file / messages with 3rd party systems inbound & outbound, significantly saving your manual effort.
  • System regular checking and alert of any missing actions / settlement process completion.

Sophisticated reporting

  • We have 150+ reportswell-categorized and available in PDF & table formats, to cater for your monitoring, analytic and declaration needs.

Peripheral systems connectivity

  • Digital remote account opening (RAO) infrastructure and management with customizable work flow, flexible design and data verification API connectivity to ease sign-up of new customers.
  • Electronic direct debit authorization / instructions (eDDA / eDDI) API connectivity to designated Bank for instant and automatic deposit and withdrawal.
Peripheral systems connectivity @2x

Settlement Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

  • Repetitive settlement tasks, including CCASS terminal operations can be outsourced to 2Go BPO team.
  • Fit and proper handling of sensitive information. 
  • Operation headcounts can be saved.

Service Support

Product Consultant

2GoTrade professional sales and support team will provide customers with guidance and advices on our products.

Technical Support

2GoTrade professional technical team will provide customers with a full range of technical and solution services.